PureLight™ is the first 100% wireless Focused Light body contouring system made for spot reduction anywhere on the body. PureLight™ emits clinically proven 635nm wavelength light.

  • Welness
  • Detox
  • Performance





PureLight™ is the first 100% wireless Focused Light body contouring system made for spot reduction anywhere on the body. PureLight™ is lightweight and portable.

PureLight™ emits clinically proven 635nm wavelength light to shrink fat. It is ideal for noninvasive spot reduction without pain. It uses Focused Light Technology to help naturally slim, shape and tone areas including the waist, hips, thighs and upper arms. The heat and unique wavelength (635nm) of the light stimulates fat cells to release energy that is then easily metabolized. The process is similar to when your body enters the “fat burning” stage of a good cardiovascular workout.

The emitted light safely penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the fat cells. This kind of light has the highest rate of absorption, at 635nm, penetrating deep into the subcutaneous fat layer at 10 to 12mm deep. This stimulation opens pores in the fat cells, allowing the fat within to escape. Fat cells then shrink, while the excess fat is safely removed by your body’s metabolic processes.

PureLight™ has a long lifespan of 10,000 hours.


First remote controlled unit

First remote controlled unit

Remotely monitor the time and settings without disturbing the client. Allows the client to be mobile.

Wireless, Not Wired

Wireless, Not Wired

Wireless allows for better transmission of the signals, for a more pure and precise wavelength. Less bulky. Easier to use on the client.

Easy-to-use docking station

Easy-to-use docking station

Conveniently stores your pads. Quick-charging station. Portable and lightweight, for the client on the go.


Achieve more effective slimming and toning results in a shorter time period than the conventional methods of diet and exercise alone

    Boost your ability to achieve more effective slimming and toning results in a shorter time period than the conventional methods of diet and exercise alone


PureLight in Action

  • Wellness

    PureLight™ is simple to operate. Hit the start button and leave the client to relax.

  • Detoxification

    Each session is 15 minutes max.

  • Performance

    For best results, cardiovascular exercise should be performed immediately after the treatment. We recommend burning a minimum of 350 calories per session.

What Others Say

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* Individual results may vary and are based on diet, exercise, and red light therapy

  • Ed, age 47, investment banker

    I’ve exercised every day of my life for last ten years just to maintain my shape, as I started to put on the pounds in my late thirties. Thanks to Pure Light, I was able to shed my love handles.

  • Sara, age 34, mother of two

    After my second child, I had a difficult time shedding the baby weight! In just six sessions and a vigorous program with my trainer, I lost all of my baby weight, plus.

  • Ted, age 28, personal trainer

    As a personal trainer, I was skeptical. I tried Pure Light and simultaneously ate an unusually unhealthy diet for two weeks. I continued to work out on my regular program, and I didn't gain a single pound. I know my body—I would normally have gained weight! I would recommend this to all my clients.

Slim XP

A unique program-combining cutting edge light therapy and a patented muscle stimulator, “XP 3” wave to slim, tighten and tone.

After PureLight the PureWave provides increased metabolic activity for fat burning and muscle toning by creating stronger and lean muscle fibres. Using unique patented multiple matrix modulation waves; muscles are stimulated not only superficially, but also to the deepest muscle layers. MRI studies have demonstrated up to 23% reduction in fat volume with PureWave alone.


Client's Frequently Asked Questions

Is everyone suitable for treatment?

Both men and women can have Pure Light™ treatment and nearly all areas of the body can be treated if there is unwanted fatty tissue present. As with any treatment, there are some circumstances or medical conditions that may mean a person should not undergo Pure Light™ treatment at this time and this will be discussed in detail during a consultation with you prior to treatment. A medical history will be taken to assess suitability.

Is it safe?

Yes. Many independent medical studies have been completed to identify the reaction that is triggered in the fat cell by the visible red light used in the Pure Light™. This reaction is the natural release of fat cell contents that occurs on a day-to-day basis when your body wants to utilise the energy stored in the fat cells. This natural release of cell contents does not cause any tissue damage it simply results in smaller but but still healthy functioning cells and no side effects. This technology has been used safely and successfully for body shaping for over a decade.

Is it painful?

For most people, there is very little sensation during Pure Light™ treatment, except slight warmth where the treatment pads are in contact with the skin.

What will happen during my appointment?

Most appointments involve 10-15 minutes of treatment with the Pure Light™. After treatment it is beneficial to under- take a short period of post treatment exercise to metabolise or ‘use-up’ the energy that has been released from the fat cells during your treatment. The time and type of exercise will be discussed with you during your consultation and is based on your individual goal and circumstances.

How many treatments will I need?

The suggested treatment courses are 8-10 sessions with treatments scheduled every 2-3 days. However, each person has individual requirements and goals and your exact schedule will be deter- mined at your consultation.

When will I see results from my treatments?

Most people have measurable reductions in circumference of the treatment area immediately after the first treatment and, if you follow the guidelines given to you by the clinic, this reduction will continue to improve at each treatment session.

How long will my results last after treatment?

Once the fat is emptied from the fat cell and then removed from the body by the post treatment exercise, it is gone for good. Provided you maintain a suitable calorie intake from a healthy diet and undertake some regular activity, these results should be long-term. Further treat- ments can be undertaken in the future for those occasional diet and lifestyle lapses.

Can I have several areas of my body treated?

We advise that focus of treatment is on one body area at a time to ensure the best clinical progress. However, once one area is re-shaped to how you want it, you can target other problem spots.

Rated Voltage and Frequency AC100V-240V 50/60Hz
Maximum Electricity Consumption 90W 0.4W 8.0W (1 unit)
Timer 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 min
Dimensions W260 x H65 x D390mm W82 x H135 x D40mm W82 x H134 x D40mm
Weight APPROX. 3000g APPROX. 270g APPROX. 270g